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"Any time you venture into unknown territory, the journey of uncertainty can often be scary and intimidating.  At the same time, the excitement motivates us to continue on. The same holds true for our life changing journey of adoption.  When we decided to adopt, we did some research – read books, searched the internet and talked to others who had already adopted.  Adoption by Choice was recommended to us by some friends, so we called the agency and never turned back. ABCconsistently provided nurturing and honest support throughout the process of adopting both our children.  Each unique circumstance was handled with respect and dignity and never did we feel as though we were customers walking into a business.  CSS is an organization that provides an invaluable service to all members of the adoption triad.  Our confidence in this service never waivered throughout the entire process.  Our adoption journey began over 8 years ago and today we are a happy, healthy family of four."

- Linda & Victor, Attleboro, MA

"Adoption by Choice was awesome! They helped make a hard decision easier. I was 20 when I got pregnant, a junior in college and had no idea what to do. My aunt gave me the number to Catholic Socia Services and told me to give them a call, but because I am the furthest thing from religious, I insisted on not calling but she kept nagging me to call and I did. I was very happy that I did. I worked with the adoption counselor and she was wonderful. We got to know each other very well and I felt very comfortable talking to her. I made an adoption plan but as I got closer to my due date, I started having doubts. When I held him in my arms, I just couldn’t part with him. After he was born, my adoption counselor drove out to my house (a good 45 minutes away), and talked to me about different services and programs that I could look into. I honestly don’t know what I would have done without her; she made a hard decision easier."

- Brittany, Cape Cod, MA

"When meeting with our adoption coordinator it was clear to us that we chose the right partner to help us through the adoption process. She was absolutely wonderful - making us feel comfortable, guiding us through the adoption process and answering all of our questions. In addition to being extremely helpful, we could truly sense that our social worker was an honest and caring person who is very passionate about adoption and most importantly – doing what is right for the children.

We were helped every step of the way -- from the beginning paperwork, creating our portfolios, to responding to my frantic e-mails making sure we were on track.  She diligently kept us informed and always knew the right things to say to put any fear we had to rest.

Adoption By Choice helped us make our dream come true and our family is now complete.  We can’t thank them enough or be more appreciative for helping to bring our baby daughter into our lives. Miracles do happen!  Thank you Adoption By Choice" for fulfilling our lifelong dream of becoming parents.  There is no greater joy than holding our daughter in our arms.  We whole-heartedly support our adoption agency and will continue to promote adoption through Adoption By Choice."

- Maria & John, MA

We began our journey with Adoption by Choice seven years ago in help with beginning our family. As a counselor I had many resources to look at when we began our initial steps of having a home study done for International adoption. Over and over again Adoption by Choice was mentioned as quality social workers working very diligently to help families come together. My husband was initially introduced to the program during a parent orientation program that was informative, positive and exciting.  He came home from the meeting enthused about beginning our journey to bring our daughter home from China. We had the wonderful fortune of meeting and working with our knowledgeable social worker for all of our adoptions.   First, from China, our second adoption in Guatemala and our third, last?, adoption in Ethiopia. Yes, we have a multi- cultural diverse family that has brought sheer joy to our lives! Our family is a true blessing.  Our social worker educated us in a direct, supportive way that gave us information, resources and insight into every adoption. Without doubt Adoption by Choice has been a wonderful gift to our family.      

- Alison and Terry, MA


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