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Since 1924 Adoption by Choice (a program of Catholic Social Services, Fall River Inc.) has provided domestic adoption services to families in Southeastern Massachusetts, and more recently in Rhode Island. The primary focus of the domestic program is the placement of infants typically 0 - 12 months of age.  On rare occasion a toddler might be in need of a permanent placement. The professional expertise and kindness of our staff help ensure children will be placed in safe, loving and stable environments. 

Domestic newborns, available in fewer numbers than in the past, are usually limited to childless couples. The waiting period may be anywhere from several months to several years after the completion of the home study, depending on the family’s flexibility and number of infants available.

Adoption by Choice offers a variety of domestic newborn placement options from traditional to semi-open to fully open adoption placements. The birth parent(s) who request our help selects the family that will ultimately parent her/their child. They are given the opportunity to select among the families who have been studied and approved by the agency. Typically, on-going contact between the birthparent(s) and the adoptive family is maintained according to mutually agreed upon guidelines. 

Another type of adoption is called an identified adoption -- when a non-related child is identified or located for the purpose of adoption by the prospective adoptive parents or when the expectant parent(s) identify the adoptive parents. Usually, the birth mother considering an adoption plan is made known to the prospective adoptive family through an intermediary who knows of the couple's desire to adopt. Some families find each other through the use of adoption web sites or through contact with approved out-of-state agencies. We will work with both birth parents and the adoptive couple in an identified adoption.

We believe in providing objective, sensitive and supportive counseling to our prospective adoptive parents to assist them in gaining an understanding of the many issues involved in adoption. Our experienced staff assist families in meeting state and legal requirements for adoptions. Each situation emphasizes the best interest of the children involved. Our Adoption Information Packet includes the adoption fee structure and more information about our adoption services. You can request a packet by via email or calling one of the phone numbers below.

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