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An unexpected pregnancy presents many difficult and life-changing choices. With over 80 years of work in assisting pregnant women and their families we know and understand what you are going through. Our caring staff has you and your child’s best interest at heart.  At no cost to you, our experienced, compassionate and non-judgmental staff can provide counseling that will enable you to make a life plan for your child, either with you, within your extended family, or with adoptive parents that you can select and meet.  We can guide you through the decision making process, help you to assess your specific situation and clarify your rights.   There are no easy answers but fully exploring the options of parenting and adoption can help individuals and their families feel confident that the decision they make will be the best one for their child.

All services are confidential.

If you or someone you know is facing and unplanned or unwanted pregnancy, we can offer support while decisions regarding your child's future are being made. Adoption by Choices pregnancy counseling services are offered in a safe, non-judgmental context. Services include:

  • Free pregnancy counseling
  • Free counseling for grandparents and birth father if requested
  • Assistance in accessing medical care
  • Assistance with allowable living expenses
  • Appointments at flexible locations throughout Rhode Island and Massachusetts
  • Short-term temporary foster care while you continue to explore your options

Pregnancy counseling focuses on all areas of need for pregnant women. We help women and their significant other(s) manage feelings, obtain full and accurate information about all aspects of adoption (including social, emotional, legal) and we provide support for you to identify a strategy that will meet your needs and those of your baby. We offer ongoing support through each stage of the process.

If you decide to choose adoption for your child, you can, if you want to:



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