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All clients, including a birth parent, prospective adoptive parent, adoptive parent, foster parent, adoptee or adoption service provider and any individual who may or may not be a client of Catholic Social Services of Fall River, Inc.(Adoption by Choice is a program of Catholic Social Services of Fall River, Inc.), may lodge directly with the agency signed and dated complaints about any of the services or activities of the agency or any of the agency’s employees, including its use of any adoption  providers, that an individual believes raise an issue of compliance with the Hague Convention, the IAA, or the regulations implementing the IAA. The Grievance Policy and the procedures for responding to complaints and improving service delivery should be signed by clients and prospective clients at the time the Adoption Services and Fee Agreements are signed.

A signed and dated statement describing the grievance should be submitted to the Adoption, Foster Care & Pregnancy Counseling Program Coordinator within ten (10) working days of the incident.

If the Program Coordinator cannot resolve the grievance within ten (10) working days of the receipt of the written statement of grievance, the aggrieved party may seek redress with the Executive Director of Catholic Social Services.  The Executive Director will attempt resolution of the grievance with the aggrieved party, the Program Coordinator, and other relevant staff in a confidential session.

The Executive Director shall respond in writing to complaints received pursuant to the above paragraph within thirty (30) days of receiving the complaint.

If the party filing the grievance believes the Executive Director has not resolved the grievance satisfactorily then the individual can appeal to the Board of Directors.  The Board shall respond in writing to the complaint received within thirty (30) days of receiving the complaint.

Complaints that are time sensitive or which involve allegations of fraud will be expedited.

A complaint may also be filed with the following:  Department of Early Education and Care (EEC), 51 Sleeper St., Boston, MA  02210 (telephone 617 988-6600) and COA (Council on Accreditation), 120 Wall St., New York, NY  10005 (telephone 212 797-3000). For an adoption concerning a Hague country:  ATTN: U.S. Central  Authority, U.S. Department of State, Bureau of Consular Affairs, Office of Children’s Issues, Adoption Unit (SA-29), 2201 C Street, NW, Washington, DC 20520 (complaint form online at http://travel.state.gov) or call the Department of State at 888 407-4747. 

Other Complaint Information
Catholic Social Services Of Fall River, Inc. does not take any action to discourage any individual or entity from issuing a grievance. Nor does the agency or any employee retaliate against individuals for: making a complaint; expressing a grievance; providing information in writing or interviews to an accrediting entity on the agency’s or person’s performance; or questioning the conduct of or expressing an opinion about the performance of the agency or any person employed by the agency

Catholic Social Services of Fall River, Inc. maintains a written record of each complaint received and the steps taken to investigate and respond to it and when this involves an international adoption, makes this record available to the accrediting entity or the Secretary of State upon request.

For international adoptions: Catholic Social Services of Fall River, Inc. will provide to the accrediting entity and the Secretary of State, on a semi-annual basis, a summary of all complaints received pursuant to Hague 96.41(b) during the preceding six months, including the number of complaints received and how each complaint was resolved. In addition, an assessment of any discernible patterns in complaints received against the agency along with information about what systemic changes, if any, were made or are planned by the agency in response to such patterns.

Catholic Social Services of Fall River, Inc. provides any information about complaints received pursuant to the above, as may be requested by the accrediting entity or the Secretary.

Quality & Improvement
Catholic Social Service of Fall River, Inc. maintains a quality improvement program appropriate to its size and circumstances through which it makes systematic efforts to improve its adoption services as needed.  Quality improvement methods include reviewing complaint data, using client satisfaction surveys, or comparing the agency’s or person’s practices and performance against the data contained in the Secretary of State’s annual reports to Congress on intercountry adoption. Anyone may request a copy of the agency’s most recent (and past) Q & I methods and responses to any surveys.


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