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  1. What is open adoption?
    A type of adoption in which the birth and adoptive parents are identified to one another, and decide together how often and to what extent they want to be in touch.  A child centered permanent plan is developed with the birthparents and adoptive parents, usually with assistance of an agency. Ongoing communication may include e-mails, telephone conversations, pictures and updates, and visits. For more information on Open Adoption please see our full page: What is Open Adoption.

  2. Can I afford to adopt?
    ABC strives to keep fees as low as possible. It is important to remember that fees paid are for services rendered, not for a child. The agency’s fee for an adoption is based on a sliding scale dependent on family’s income. Currently there is a minimum placement fee of $7,050 and a maximum of $20,000. Additional expenses may or may not arise, depending on each individual situation -- legal termination of parental rights, temporary foster care, Interstate Compact expenses and some allowable birth parent expenses could be involved. It’s wise to put aside an extra $2-3,000, ‘just in case.’  There are some adoption grants and loans available through other resources for those that qualify.

  3. How long does the adoption process take?
    The average time for a homestudy is about four months. The time it takes to complete the homestudy process is often dependent on the ability of the adoptive parents to complete their documents in a timely manner. The wait for child placement varies considerably and is difficult to predict.  No one can determine how many expectant parents will request services during any given year, how many of those will decide on an adoption plan, or how many times a couple’s profile might be shown before being selected by a birth parent.  But, when it happens, it’s almost always a ‘match made in heaven’!

  4. Are there any age restrictions?
    While there are no age restrictions set by the agency, birthparents tend to prefer prospective adoptive parents that are under the age of 45. When adopting internationally, the adoptive parents age requirements are specified by the child’s country of birth.

  5. Can I adopt if I have other children already?
    Due to the lower number of healthy infants available for adoption in the U.S., a priority is given to those who are without children. Exceptions are made on a case by case basis for applicants that can consider a harder to place child, one who might be of a racial minority and/or medically involved.  If one is adopting internationally, the child’s country of birth dictates the number of children already in the home.


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